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in distant, post-pandemic future, when people are constantly hiding in their mud huts once again and the History Priests are battling over the question, whether was Michael Jackson a real person or not — the wandering Hurdy-gurdy Men will appear, telling their stories about distant days, the time between 20th and 21st century… whispering about this weird phenomenon, which roots are in the dawn of humanity, and to which it has turned its back forever…

…about live concerts.

with their archaic machines, traveling between human settlements on the outer edges of city-states, exposed to the wrath of the Priests — they’ll be telling the stories they’ve heard from their grandfathers, probably straying from the truth just a little bit, or maybe even two bits…



Every sound, played live by the inmates, in the only place, where the music releases real fire. A lot of fire. Incredible amounts of fire.

As if „One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest” bumped into „Mad Max” in a very do-it-yourself manner, while reading „Farenheit 451”.

Oh, one more thing. There is a huge chance of snow.



The motion picture infiltrates reality when the crazy trio reaches for real instruments (maybe a bit nibbled with the tooth of time) – string, plucked, wind, electronic – as well as their own do-it-yourself constructions and even the everyday life objects.

Every sound played live, with video projections, music live looping, audience involvement and a whole bucket full of microphones.



There is a caravan, there are deckchairs, there is a personally made grill, there is even a band playing big beat hits live. But what is missing is…well.

On this cheerful May holiday the men have run out of beer. As befits clever men on holiday, they decide to approach the subject with a practical method…

With the help of the audience they decide to build a… brewery.



A crazy music lesson for several musical instruments in the hands of three nomadic musicians.

The musicians who go from old Chinese folk tunes, the world folk music, European classical music, jazz and the hits of the 20th century entertainment music to the latest accomplishments of the music scene…

…on the real and handmade instruments with a tiny help of a modern technology…



A performance blending all the qualities of a concert, street show and a slightly crazy happening.

A double bass made from a broom, a mop-turned-guitar, folk pipes out of PVC tube and other homemade instruments – all live looped – engage the audience in spontaneous carolling and inspire to come up with a few more accompanying tunes.


what? who?

we’re always somewhere-in-between, combining theatre, live music, new tech (live looping, projections, stage mapping, pyrotechnic) and improvised audience involvement in abundance.

happy on the street, happy on the stage, most of the time funny, always two bits crazy…

seriously, though…

a performer* (actor, writer, director, visual artist), a musician** (composer, arranger, violinist multi-instrumentalist) and a constructor*** (at the same time being multi-instrumentalist and composer), working together for more than fifteen years in various performances and visual arts’ projects (e.g. collaborating with Polish off- and institutional theaters).

since 2013 as a separate stage project, we’ve have created seven street shows, several site-specific performances and won the Grand Prix at the… cabaret song festival.

together we’ve performed at theatre festivals and street theatre events in 17 countries. in another dozen countries separately.

* — Piotr Chlipalski → pjoter &
** — Jacek Dzwonowski →
*** — Marcin Dzwonowski



what’s cooking?

after lovely 2020 (all that free time… and cancelled shows), we’re working on new premiere for mid-2021

covid-ready cinema…
we’ve got new caravan, and we’re ready to play Wandering Silent Cinema in non-yurt, social-isolated version! fun!

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piotr chlipalski
+48 609 883 994


a video, maybe?